Al Brandt(non-registered)
Awesome Rick
Dave Tillman(non-registered)
Great, beautiful pictures Rick.
Ron Starcher(non-registered)
Lookin' good, Rick!
Larry T.(non-registered)
You surely have THE EYE my friend. This work is superb my friend!
Dollie Fagan(non-registered)
Breathtaking. So much beauty in our world, thank you for catching some of it and sharing.
Bless you!
patti page(non-registered)
Wonderful Pictures! I was there participating in the Survivors walk-around and it was a lovely day...thanks for sharing!
Jeannie Steele(non-registered)
Love the new site. Beautiful pictures, fine work. Look forward to many more.
Shirley Janeczko(non-registered)
I grew up in OV and really appropriate your photos. Takes me back to a simpler time.
Teresa Williams(non-registered)
Your pictures are beautiful. I am a member of WAN, but have not been to Norfolk since 1985. Your pictures bring me home again. Thank you
Susan Hawthorne(non-registered)
Your pictures are beautiful. I used to live in Norfolk and so many of your pictures bring me home.
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